FEN Kodi addon is the best because

I like FEN because it keeps track of viewed episodes. I do not know of any other addon that does this… certainly not Crew.

Thats why we use trakt… also seren does.


That’s why I use Trakt, once authorised it keeps track of all films and episodes I have watched in all add-ons

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Here’s a post I made a while back.

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I just tried Homelander. It would mark an episode as watched.

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I use Trakt and am not concerned what addons track or do not track my watched episodes. A few other benefits of Trakt is that because it’s cloud based anytime you upgrade KODI versions, Builds, or Addons your shows/movies/history stays with you (assuming the Addon has Trakt integration - most do). Also if I’m working on the computer and hear about a new show/movie I simply go into my trakt account on the PC and add it to my que. Next time I fire up KODI on the TV the new show/movie is there

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I never got Trakt to work that well for me. There always seemed to be an issue I could figure out.

What was the issue? Trakt really couldn’t be any easier. You create an account then you add the shows you are watching or want to watch. Then within a KODI addon you authorize your account so it syncs up. That’s it

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Well, im not sure your issue but it worked just fine.

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I just tried fen, put in a couple tv shows and it came up with No real-debrid. I had just re-authorized it. going
to try another build.

Make sure your Real-Debrid account is still active. This is #1 reason for it not to work properly.

I ran into a situation with RD once, even though I was paid up.
What worked to get it back was to log into my account and refresh (change) my API key, then re-authorize my add-ons.

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I deleted Kodi 20.2 and installed the Troypoint 20 Fork. Then I installed the Twilight addon and everything is working.

I think they all have issues but Crew works good for me, with some flaws.

Fen works like a charm as long as everything is set up properly.

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FEN is working great for me. I am pleased that others prefer FEN. In my opinion it has been the best Kodi addon for along time.

In my opinion FEN is superior to crew, primarily because Fen allows marking episodes as watched.

I have been using Trakt TV for years. Mark’s episodes as watched on whatever Addon or device you use