Feb 2 Cinema nor working following upgrade

Upgraded today cinema hope and can not view. Cinema open s ok can select a tv program and series. I can select episode click to view and cinema takes me b back to tv icons page. Any one else have problems after upgrade today

I updated to the new version of Cinema a few hours ago. I’ve had no problems with the update. You might want to uninstall and reinstall the app. Maybe that may work. Hopefully, it does.

@k4kaz @philliesfan4211 Hello Guys, I’ve noticed others having problems as well but like @philliesfan4211 I’ve had absolutely no problems on mine either.

Yes. I have some kind of trouble with the app every time they upgrade. I wish I could decline the upgrade and just leave things alone that work. Very frustrating!! I’ve watched 11 years of Gunsmoke with only one link option Bobmovies CDN fast server and every time Cinema updates, it’s over a week before I can get that link again. Seems so unnecessary. Free streaming is great when it works but I would gladly pay a reasonable fee for reliability.

Hey @Troypoint how is the best way to reload the Cinema app without losing favorites? Will the Rapid App do it best?

Worked ok for me, agree uninstalling/reinstalling.

thanks all, it was the uninstalll and reinstall to make it work

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Losing the fav is the most annoying thing about having to reinstall.grrrr

@k4kaz. Glad to hear that worked, it does suck to lose all the favs. I hate when I have to reinstall an app that has my favs on it.

I found when upgrade appears, load it, then cancel (don’t install) Works as before.

You can backup the cinemahd app if you go to settings then backup/restore. Chose backup. After the upgrade go back to settings backup/restore and choose restore. all your favorites and other settings will return.

Working good may need to just update it what I did