Favorites in Tivimate?

I keeps losing my favorites in Tivimate about once a week.This is happening on a new Firecube.Is anyone else having this problem?Thanks.

Are you noticing them un-flagged as favs or dropping out of a group?

My prefs are to create several groups and drop favs into groups according to tags(favs).

No and i got to go and edit out the countries except English in the TV area again as well.


Are you clearing youe data or cache? Clearing your data will clean out your fav.

Yes I does a cache cleaning every morning.I don’t clean the data.Perhaps this is my problem,Dracoo?

I use TiViMate daily and have never seen this issue. I honestly am just throwing out ideas here as I’m not on your setup. I don’t know how much time you have invested in your TiViMate setup, but you might consider doing a complete backup, uninstall and reinstall, but first check that your version is up to date.

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I will not clean the cache for a while and see what happens.The version is 4.3.0 If this happens again I’ll do a clean install.I have a shield and a firestick as well and this doesn’t happen.

Hey @chuckman Not sure if you’re losing your favorite channels or your actual “favorite” group, with the channels in it. Either way, if you also have to hide all the groups you don’t want to use each time this happens…sounds like this particular tivi app may be corrupted…& as easy as it is to backup, dump & reload the player…I agree with Miki that this may be your best option.

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Should have mentioned ive never seen this issue with any tivimate setup ive done. As Draco says almost sounds as if data is being cleared? very strange


If the data was cleared wouldn’t that clear out all my info as well?

it should and clearing cache shouldnt touch the favs…so it is strange as to what would touch tivimate and make changes like that. Nothing should except manual changing.

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It is all my favourite channels in the group.This only happens to the TV portion of the software.

Copy…I’ve gone into Favorites (the group heading) settings & am not seeing anything there that would help with your situation. I’m calling it a bad app & I’d uninstall it & start all over (after backing it up). The process is just too easy not to give it a shot…in my humble opinion. Also, I wouldn’t just clear data & reload from a backup…I’d remove the actual app & replace it with one from Troy’s RAI…which I know to be sound, as I’ve just put one into another box…then sent a backup from my main box tivi over to my file mngr there & now have a duplicate tivimate setup over there.


thanks for the reminder :sweat_smile:…ive got a mecool km9 due in tomorrow and I need to back up my tivi to install it there :+1:



Thats strange, unless some cleaning software you are using is wiping the data i dont see why this should be. Unless your tivimate is bugged. Try Uninstalling and reinstalling.

Data would clear all info yes. I dont know why your favs are self deleting, thats strange

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And he says all the foreign language groups he toggled off are “re-toggling” back on…very weird. It can’t be a clean data clearing, otherwise he’d have to unlock premium again…it’s a new one on me…???

Is your IPTV provider constantly changing the channel lineup or refreshing the streams? Try a different provider. You can add a second playlist or more. Most will give you a free 24 hour trial if you ask.

Might want to pay for one month though if you want to observe whether or not the favorites change.

Good point,Jay.That thought has crossed my mind.

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