Favorite IPTV software for Windows?

I swap between Kodi and MyIPTV Player, but both have their problems and are nowhere near as polished as an experience like TiviMate.

What’s your go-to for m3u playlist players on Windows.

i use the paid version of Smarters on my PC…works awesome in Windows 10!

tivimate via bluestacks


What @hotwheels said.

Bluestacks with tivimate.

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The problem with Smarters is they only take xstream logins. I use m3u4u to manage my playlists then export that to simple m3u list. Going this route gives me better EPG and channel control, but it doesn’t problem the login details the same.

Wow, I feel like I tried this Bluestacks solution awhile ago, yet it just didn’t work well. But I tried it just now and imported my settings and it’s flawless. Thanks y’all.


Glad everything is working for you.

iptv smarters does have m3u.

How does one get past the need for user/pw?


You need to be with a provider, they give you login details to the network. iptv players is just a player.

I do all my testing of IPTVs with Bluestacks before I use on a TV.

No, I think you’re missing my point. I have my login details from my provider. I then take that to m3u4u.com and edit the playlist to my liking. I can rearrange the order of shows, move channels from one section to another, rename sections, bulk edit channels, and fix missing EPGs. Once this is done, I’m provided with a simple m3u link. The login details are built into the URL, but it’s different than xstreams.

smarters doesn’t accommodate that yet. myiptv player for windows does though

Right, but as I mentioned in my original comment of this post, I was already using MyIPTV but I didn’t overly love it when compared to the holy grail of TiviMate.

I think the ultimate solution was the first comment in this post: Bluestacks with TiviMate. At least until Windows natively can run APKs.

By far the best player for Windows is Best Player & IPTV it can be found in Microsoft Store or look at details here https://best-player.eu/
If isn’t free after a trial unfortunately but it is so good you are likely to be happy to pay for it. It offers users plenty of options which may make it seem complicated at first but just leave it on the defaults if you don’t know what the options do