Fast Task Killer Usefulness

Does using the Fast Track Killer actually accomplish anything. I am still wondering what benefits it offers. I see all the memory it claims to free up but I do not notice anything different when I check the the status on My Fire TV.


I’ve always wondered the same thing.

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Hey @umgawa1952
So if you want to see the effect Fast Task Killer has, depending on your device, open system monitoring app and leave it open then run FTK you will see the amount of freed up space improve.


If proper Maintenance is performed routinely odds are you wont see much difference. When one does not do this and “issues” happen and you start checking things like tire pressure, oil temp brakes etc…and then remember oh I forgot to do Maintenance…then you will see a difference.

Is the open system monitoring app on the firestick?

I think the system x-ray is what you would use on the Firestick.


Got to be honest with you Miki, I have no idea what system x-ray is but thank you for the response.

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Thank you Miki. You are indeed a plethora of useful knowledge!!

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Lol. It’s my custom made tinfoil hat. Blocks out most of the Amazon crap. :joy: :beers:

One last test!! Do you know of any reason why Kodi accumulates so much data. When I go to clear the cache on my stick, Kodi seems to always have an increase in the Data portion. Cache is normally about 90MB and clears easily, but the data constantly increases over time to over 1GB. This dramatically decreases the remaining storage on the disk to well below 1GB - as low as 500MB. Just recently I uninstalled Kodi, losing all my apps, then reinstalled it. I am at wits end.

I don’t know of any reason for sure but I do know a cleaner like sg wizard greatly reduces the Data load.

I’m not sure if this will help, but if you use a build with Kodi, you’ll find that unused apps included with the build take up space, in addition to accumulating data over a period of time. I’ve just formatted my Android TV box and when reinstalling Kodi, only installed the one add-on I regularly use instead of a build. It remains to be seen over time if this helps, but having read up a bit I believe it will. Depending on your needs that could also be an option? I also installed an external HDD and formatted it as extra storage.

I followed @Jayhawks659 and Troy’s advice and just installed Kodi and I installed 2 addons. The Crew and Mad Titan. I’m playing with the SG Cleaner and trying to find a way to get to the configure.xml for setting cache limits etc, but I don’t yet have enough info on how to do that in Matrix 19.3, it’s supposed to be automatic but isn’t. I have messed with the cleanup stuff and gotten my Kodi data down from around 800MB to just 119. Nice gain and I’ve set it to autoclean on every Kodi startup. So we’ll see if that keeps it down over time.

Hello Miki,

I too avoid the builds and only have The Crew, Venom and The Oath. That was a nice reduction in data you obtained. I hope it stays that way for you. If so, that would be a nice thing to publish. I suspect a lot of people are having similar issues. I really appreciate knowledgeable people like you that are always so helpful!!

Good plan as well! I’ll look into the SG Cleaner thing too, thanks. Meanwhile I’m only using The Oath and clearing cache manually. Glad to see that @umgawa1952 has found our suggestions helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

OMG I’m in no way knowledgeable about Kodi. @Jayhawks659 knows infinitely more than I do. I am just one of those who has no problem clicking through every option I can find, searching reading and watching vids. If I break it I just start over. I happened to remember years ago I had an auto cleaner in Kodi and found an article and vid from troy.


I have a question about my firestick 4k max. How do I stop the stupid Amazon live shopping app from continuously running in the back ground? So annoying!

You can’t. You can try the debloat tool to stop some of the garbage but usually every update it’ll be back to being an annoyance. I just force stop and clear data every night in all those frustrating Amazon apps. But rather than hijack a thread please use the search as this has been discussed ad nauseum.

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