Fast forward a movie with KODI

We were watching a 2 hour movie the other night, and became tired. Thought we could start watching where we left off. The next evening, the movie started at the beginning. Tried to fast forward to where we left off the night before, but no luck. Is there a way to fast forward a movie using KODI? Thanks in advance.

What addon were you using?

Thanks for the quick reply. Using Seren.

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Here is how I do it. Click the ok canter button on your remote, that will bring up the timing of the movie and some things you can click on at the bottom. Like subtitles, etc. Then click your up button to go to the actual streaming line (usually blue with the current time of how far you are into the movie or show), then use your right and left buttons on remote to move the playback forward or backwards to where you want it. Hope this is a helpful explanation.


Standard FF and RW functions should be available and work within most Apps and Add-ons. I use the feature in Kodi [Seren and Crew] and its flawless when using Stremio.


Good explaination. Tried it and works great. Thank you.


You are most welcome!

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