What Are Fast Channels Or Free Ad Supported Television

You remember when I put up 10 pages of F.A.S T a few months back? The future?

Yep, We are visionarys :joy:… Many of these free services ive noticed are getting better and more content. Just yesterday I re-installed Matts Plex urls and epg on my emby and was amazed at how well it was working and the quality of content.

oooo. Have to reinstall Huismann plex link again. Maybe some of his other ones as well. My trouble is, with literally tens of thousands of channels you could spend a lifetime testing every single channel to find a stable one.
wow tx @TXRon . Just reinstalled 3 of his playlists again and loaded fast with full EPG. Nice. Plex, Samsung and Stirr.

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yea, I had deleted all the urls I had collected. Never will watch 99.999% of that stuff. I was looking for one good collection with a working epg, no fuss install that just works. All this just as a backup for when the iptv apocalypse happns :sunglasses:

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