Factory reset of a fire stick 4k

Hi thanks for the add. I been having issues with my fire-stick 4k. I decided to do a factory reset and it goes through the process but doesn’t reset the device. Anybody else had this issue and is there a solution ?.

There are 2 ways to reset a Fire Stick.

Settings → My Fire TV → Reset to Factory Defaults.


Via Remote :

  • Make sure your FireStick remote has working/charged batteries.

  • Now, hold down the Right Button on the navigation ring and the Back Button together.

  • You must keep them pressed together for at least 10 seconds (sometimes it may take more time).

If one doesn’t work, try the other.


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Thanks but already tried both of these methods. The problem is fire os isn’t resetting my fire stick to factory defaults. Goes through the process and returns to the previous state.

By chance have you used the debloat tool from the Troypoint app on this Firestick? This happened to me a while ago and I think I remember that I had to re-enable all the services the debloat tool turned off. Then I had to use the remote method to do the factory reset. Definitely not certain of exactly how I got it to finally reset, but I believe it had to do with that.


Hey that’s a great point. I saw a guy on here who claims to have been the main app designer for the debloat tool so maybe he can chime in. I hope the OP does that and reverses the debloat settings and try’s to reset. Now I’m curious. Great idea

Thanks for the help. I had been using the de-bloat tool and it was the problem. I had to reinstall it and use the enable all options. I could then reset my fire stick 4 k to factory defaults. The reboot hung a couple of times. But i got there in the end. Anybody using the de-bloat tool should be careful what they disable.