Facebook Marketplace scams

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Another reason to delete your Facebook account

I have been trying without success, to delete my facebook ‘account’. I’d be very interested to hear how one goes about it. All that I could manage was to ‘suspend’ my account temporarily. Approaches to facebook in my country (South Africa) went unanswered, no, ignored! Anyway, a past work colleague did try to dissuade me before I even registered. Thanks for the ray of hope! :wink: Beastie7

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You can find the instructions here :
How to deactivate your Facebook account on iPhone and Android | Asurion.

Facebooks parent company, Meta, paid out $725 million for a class action lawsuit for personal information that was released.
That equates to approx $30 for each user that filled out the form.
Personally, my info has been on the dark web for years. Mostly junk email.
However, someone used my identity to apply for a credit card from Bank of America. I get alerted to ANY hard pulls of my credit.
The jokes on them, my credit score is tanked :joy:. I keep hoping one of these thieves feel bad for me and ups my score :grin:.