Extracting URL from Smarters?

It seems IPTV providers are dropping like flies! Luckily I still have one service that is working (won’t say which), but it appears they that have forced the use of their own app. The old URL and Xtream codes login info won’t work for Tivimate. This is a huge deal for me!

It appears that the app they are using is just a customized version of IPTV Smarters. Is anyone extremely tech savvy that might be able to extract the URL information from the program code so I can see if I can get it working on Tivimate again? The app only prompts you to put in your username and password. It doesn’t show you anywhere in the settings what URL it is connecting to.

P.S. I’ve read some good things on here about Eternal and Voodoo. Are they both still up and running and accepting new customers? Are they IP locked, and do they work with Tivimate? Anyone have links where I can sign up.

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Seems odd but I used THE APP with my streaming service and on Tivimate, IM player and it works on all of them.
The note on The App did say that it would only work for their service but that’s quite a different thing than not working on any BUT their service.

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I ended up getting the new URL from the provider. Just took a little longer than usual to respond. They are only giving it out to people that ask for it.

Http canary
Packet sniffer
Open app

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I am so sorry, but if anyone can explain this iptv issue with me, anyone that has the patience. Yes I know how to download an iptv ex: smarters, but I have no idea how to

Log in with xtreme api
Or a m3u url

I’m not sure where to get that info
Any other iptv recommendations


I’m pretty sure I mentioned this to you. The provider gives you the login info for that.

He tells you the info and you put in what they give you.

Yes you did, and I looked at the video twice, downloaded it, then you say the provider will give the info, I open the app and get nothing.
Who is this provider…
maybe I’m just a hopeless cause
and not meant for me to have It

You should have received a email from your provider that has all that info your looking for.


You need to actually msg a provider. You ask for their service then after payment they give you login details.

(AAlways ask for a trail first)

Did you subscribe to a IPTV provider? We’re not talking about tivimate, this is only an app to play the subscription IPTV from whom ever you paid for the service. They should have sent you emails (check your spam folder) or you may have gone through a discord channel or telegram.

This “always trial” is semi-accurate. I have a few services. The best premium service I have dosen’t offer a trial and its absolutely the best one out. Many years and hundreds of services, im very familiar with the workings of iptv. Although, I understand the trial expectations. But, a few bucks for a month isnt a big risk.

No I didn’t go through a provider which I guess makes sense
I just downloaded iptv smarties and thought that was all I had to do
Can you please help me about a provider
I’m very sorry I’m just a 60 yr old women trying to understand
I understand everything else jail breaking etc, but I can’t seem to get this technology


Some people feel more comfortable trying a trail out. Tis why I suggest it. Most premium don’t do them.


It’s understandable. For new not so tech savvy it may be a huge undertaking.

There is a bunch of providers on troypoint website. Msg one of them through there website. No you don’t need to give out personal info.

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There is a whole separate thread on this forum about IPTV providers and the pros and cons of each. It is usually toward the top because people are posting on it all the time. Here is the link on the TP website to a list of them. You may have to Google each one to find the actual website where you can sign up.
Look for one that offers an m3u url.
Once you sign up with a provider you should get an email with your login information. Or you can go into your account on their website and find the information somewhere. When you open Tivimate or Smarters you will have to “add a playlist”. It is easiest to use Xtream codes option. You will need the web address (url), username, and password. Once you enter all of that correctly and click next the playlist should generate and you’ll be able to see the channel guide.


It’s fairly easy…Make sure you have installed MX Player, and selected MX as default player. Next step is to watch any live channel, and then go into settings and navigate around in there…I’m sorry I cant remember exactly where to go in settings, but you will stumble upon the url in a very short time. Important…You MUST have MX Player as default player, and you MUST be watching a live tv channel for this to work…but it will work, and should take only a couple of minutes searching through the Smarters “settings” Good luck.

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