Expanding storage for android box

Hi everyone just a quickie, ive been using Firestick for ages now, but i’m getting fed up with all the bloatware thats on it. So about 8 months ago bought a Mecool km3 android box ( thanks Troy for the 10% link off the price ) it has 64gb of memory but i want to put in a 128gb sd card as well . The question is do i just put it in or do i have to fiddle with some settings as well. Thanks in advance as allways. Jimmy.

Hi @jimmy.royle
Congrats on the new device.
Here on the forum, there is a decent amount of discussion on expanding storage for devices.
Just use the search box above and type in your question about expand storage.
Good luck.

On my KM2 I just plugged the card in and fired up the system and it was recognized. Follow the on screen prompts and read Troy’s guide and watch his setup vid.


Thanks guys, much appreciated.

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