Ethernet and OTG Connections

I have been using an OTG cable and thumb drive as an external drive. I just moved by modem close to my Firestick. I tried adding an amazon ethernet cable. I can either use the ethernet cable and hardwire to the Firestick or I can use the OTG cable and access the APPS stored there. I can not do both. Does anyone know how to do both. I have tried every combination of connections I can see.

Have a look at this. It worked for me. I think this is what your looking for: Blacell 4 in 1 Micro USB HUB Adaptor with Power Powered,Charging Charge OTG Host Cable Cord Adapter Connector for Android Smart Phone Tablet Samsung Galaxy S3 S4 S5 Note 2 3 4 Edge HTC One M7 M8 : Electronics

@Webber Troy has a video about what he uses. Check it out… How to Setup the Best Firestick Ethernet Adapter and Improve Speeds


I’m using Google Cast… Using the video from Troy… Love it,works really Good…

Ethernet with 3 USB ports

For my Firestick, although I use WiFi I got it for customers.

All in one solution. Tested. It works.

OTG Cable to USB Hub with LAN Ethernet Adapter for TV Stick 4K Cube, Alexa Show 2nd Gen, Show 5 and Show 8


Yep Jay…

Thats what I use (SMAYS)… got 5 of’em… all super glued to a stik


Another one I use.

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