ESPN+ support has killed my "stick"

Enrolled in ESPN+ so I could watch some ice hockey games and the first viewing worked just great. . . the second failed miserably so got online chat with ESPN support . . long story short - he had me do a factory reset on the stick . . . now nothing works, not even TP. . . and the home screen is totally different than anything I’ve ever seen. What is best method to resurrect . . or just buy newest and greatest stick and be done with it.

Hi @Dadrock33
So after doing a factory reset, unfortunately you have to reconfigure your device again. The Amazon Home Screen is their latest, and some people don’t care for it.
To start, download Downloader from the Playstore. From there you can re-install the Troypoint app ( and the Troypoint RAI. After that point you should be off and running.

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Thanks Sbrowne . . . downloaded TP and RAI but it keeps saying that “syncing app and links has either failed or is still working, try again later” . . . . hmm, hope it hasn’t failed .

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