ESPN + and IPVanishVPN

Anyone have any luck using espn+ with IPVanishVPN on Nvidia shield, Mine is failing to work, Also didn’t work with this year, Starting to get a bit frustrated with IP vanish

Hi @Boligee
I hear and understand your frustration
Here is Troy’s supercharged guide as a place to start.

Also go into settings and make little changes such as using OpenVPN or Wireguard and see if that doesn’t help.
Sometimes just changing the server, location etc. can have a helpful effect.

Thanks for the feedback, I will try these things, but overall I have to say Many websites are now Figuring out VPNs making a very hard to use getting frustrating for sure, But will keep trying

Ok I’m confused. Isn’t espn+ a paid service? If so, complain to them and let them fix your issue, after all it’s a legal service isn’t it? Don’t forget IPVanish has customer support live chat and you pay for it as well. Go to live chat and ask for tech support.

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It is a paid service,their response is you can’t use a vpn with their service

And yes I have been in touch with IPVanishVPN,waiting on a response,not expecting a lot though,they couldn’t fix the problem with for me

Ok. Then the choice is yours. Use a vpn and quit espn+ or use their service and turn the vpn off. Sorry but I don’t know anyone who has access to their code and is willing to circumvent a paid services restrictions or limitations.


You will have to turn the vpn off when using that paid app.

Or just split tunnel so you can have vpn on and use that app.

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Ok ,will do,thanks for the input

why don’t you have ipvanish ignore espn+ by split tunneling?