ES Flie Explorer

I went to use ES File Explorer today and it seems you need to upgrade to ES Premium in order to use their tools. Am I missing something here? Don’t get me wrong I liked using the program, but not for $9.99/month for a subscription! I could see $9.99 a year but not what they are asking now. I don’t even pay that monthly amount for Eternal TV or Area 51.

I saw the message about buying a premium account but after clicking the back arrow key, I was able to use the regular version without problems.

Thanks for the input, it didn’t help me though. I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling to resolve the issue.

Just check which version and use an old version that doesnt use premium. I googled for an older one and put that one on.

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You can download free version at Someone must be getting greedy to start charging for this.

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dead link or fake
you tell me

Have not checked it lately.Maybe it’s dead?