ES Explorer using USB external drive

I have installed a 250GB USB drive to my fire cube 2nd generation. Explorer recognizes that there is a USB drive, but I don’t how to link the two, so I can download movies.

Hey LJ…

Download from?..

If its from a movie apk (cinema,beetv etc.)… then its all app specific, u hv to tell each app when & where to dwnld…
In settngs u hv to tell it to promt u
“Choose play action”…
Or u want to play wth extrnl plyr or “open with”

Then when u go to play somethin, it will ask how to play it or dwnld it… u shld c yor dwnldr & plyr options (es dwnldr or dwnld mngr)


That only works on my internal usb. Downloading from cinema does not include the external drive as a choice. In my limited knowledge, it appears that a path has to be created linking Explorer to the external drive

Yeah you’d have to transfer them to flash… (which takes secnds)

What does that mean?


Hey LJ…

Just means u record to intrnl, then go into ES & move/copy to USB (flashdrv)… for storing or watching on other devices

It will not let me copy/cut a movie. It says it is not authorized

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