Error on Installing Fast Task Killer

I tried to install Fast Task Killer on my Firestick Max, but is says “App Not Installed”. Any idea why this is happening? I tried a couple of sources, but to no avail. Thanks for any help.

I just went through this on my KM2. I had a USB stick in to expand memory. Even though I migrated it over, it did not help. Would not download. Kept saying “Copy”. I reinstalled USB and bam…it was back on working fine. I even used file finders to delete any residue of the FTK and could find nothing. Maybe this will help you out a bit. Welcome back to the “Group”!

Hello @kwesmc this error usually means that it is already installed on your device. Go to the page that shows all of your apps. If not, try rebooting your device and try again. Thanks for being a Patron!


Thanks Troy! I really appreciate all that you do!!

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Thank you sir! I will give that a try.

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