Error: java.lang.IllegalStateException - FireStick with USB added for external storage

I have a FireStick that I’ve expanded the internal storage with a USB flash drive and suddenly none of the apps are showing, and neither the is USB getting recognized. Has anyone gotten this error? Any fixes or workaround?

I have had the same issue ONLY after I have removed, modified and reinserted. Could never retrieve prior info. I had to reformat and start over. This is simply my experience. Hope someone else has an answer.

Hi @luijavier
Here is a topic here on the forum (expanding-internal-storage) that @Jayhawks659 put together along with Troy about setting up your usb.
Both excellent.

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So it worked after you reformatted the USB drive and started over? I don’t mind doing it if it works.

Yes, working fine. I experiment alot with the firestick and drives. Get into issues sometimes and solving is the challenge I truly enjoy.
I would follow the video if not familiar with the process. GL

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