Error Installing The Crew Add-On

I have followed the guide to install The Crew add-on to the letter but it keeps failing on adding the actual module. It gives two errors.

BeautifulSoup4 - The add- on is not compatible with this version of Kodi
THE Crew - The dependency on xbmx.python version 2.1.0 could not be satisfied

I’m currently using the latest Kodi 19.3 which I got from I’ve tried multiple times and get this error every time. Any ideas?

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So I got BeautifulSoup4 to update and install by going into Available Updates within Kodi but now I get an error for simpleJson with same message of The add-on is not compatible with this version of Kodi.

Finally got this working. Had to manually go into Add-Ons and check for updates and it updated BeautifulSoup4 and simpleJson and now The Crew add-on installed.

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I would go into your kodi settings and enable auto updates.

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