Error: Could not be satisfied

I keep getting an error message that says my Kodi addons could not install, because they could not be satisfied. It has done this with both The Crew and Seren. Help please! First time doing any of this.

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sounds like a bad kodi install if it is missing requirements


Hi @Nerisa
First, welcome to the community.
So, first thing to check is to ensure accurate spelling when typing in the URL’s of these add-ons. One miss spelling, and they won’t work. So go back through the tutorial for the Crew and for Seren and pause the video to check spelling before moving on. Also ensure when installing the scrapers package for Seren, again check spelling. The package url is


Thank you all so much! I had to uninstall and reinstall the Kodi app. This fixed the error. Thanks for the welcome as well!!