Epg for watchyour.tv

Does anyone know where I can find the epg for watchyour.tv

You would think an app having dvr would have a epg. But Ive never seen it before. The shows apperar to be rather obscure maybe for a niche audience. There is that web tv guide they offer.


be sure to make the W and TV uppercase

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Tried that it fails at updating


That’s odd. I have a full working epg in my Free2View >WatchYour.TV

Ok so after searching I have this for you. It’s long.

Just check mine and epg is there for all channels using the one described.


Still no luck what player are u using

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TiViMate is my preferred player.

Use this one. This is a combined list DeltaSr made for F2V. It includes about 9 epgs into one url. Also, this is the m3u that accompanies this epg if you wish to install it too. This will load 9 different playlists all at once.




TX PF nice update. Cheers.
OK everyone UPDATE. Anyone truly wanting to give Free IPTV a try should get this. @Powerfader has found a great m3u, xml combined playlist. I’ve tested it out for the past couple of hours and the EPG is spot on and not one second of buffering. Cudos PF. Nice find.


Does it work with iptv smarters pro if not what are you using

I am using TiViMate premium.


This is cool. Everyday there is one or 2 posts like this from you regulars with new EPG’s I don’t have. Into double digits now and growing. LOL!


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