Entering Trakt Credentials into Cinema

Had to uninstall Cinema and start over. When I did, I am having issues adding my Trakt credentials. Keyboard is slow and not allowing me to enter lowercase or numbers. Automatically gives option to use uppercase or special characters. Have tried multiple downloads of different versions from different providers, including Cinema Official Website. Anyone else having this issue or am i just “special”?

I don’t use Cinema but have used Trakt with KODI for several years. I would think that the Trakt Authorization would be similar in that you don’t enter your Trakt credentials but like KODI their is an Authorize function in the settings where you are given an 8 digit code that you then enter into another device or browser and then you would be authorized in Cinema. Could be 100% wrong just taking a stab in the dark here

My cinema works just fine with my trakt. Check for updates with your fire or other device first. Also make sure your system has enough space if not clear cache and all apps. I have Amazon forcing updates with no notification every other day when my system slows down I check for updates in the My fire and then click on about and check for updates and even after an update is downloaded check again I’ve had double updates it will automatically slow your system down. Also if you have a VPN change servers and then check again but my trakt works fine. I also have films+and Tea Tv as a backup. As a backup backup I have the $20 Walmart onn system with Kodi with crew build. that I got for free. But don’t use it at all. I guess you probably know about cinema official with the Troy point toolbox if not that’s where I get mine the official. Hope I’ve helped. PS also do a restart in the settings on your system if it is locked up unplug power and put back in it should be okay.

Entering the user creds are not the same in Cinema as they are in Kodi. Thanks anyway.

Did all your suggestions. I have a Mecool KM6 Deluxe, not a Firestick. Still not working. Thanks anyway.

In the Cinema apk click on settings, then click on account, scroll down to Trakt and click on it . You should now have a code , now type Trakt / activate in to google/ search, on your phone or laptop, a box should appear in to which you should enter the code that is on your tv screen , if you are already registered with Trakt the authentication should automatically update your device

Nope, I am prompted to enter my username and password that I use to the trak tv website. The process you described is no longer used. I downloaded the latest version of Cinema from the dev website. Thanks anyway.

Well you have to be a member of Trakt to use their services, I don’t know how you managed to do what you did without membership. It’s free and I have been a member for over 8 years and the method I told you about is the only one that I know

I do have a membership. I stated in my reply to you, “I am prompted to enter my username and password that I use to the trak tv website.” Your suggestion does not work, but again…thanks anyway.

It’s very similar to KODI as I told you in my last post that you disagreed with. When you are in the Reauthorize Trakt settings in Cinema you are trying to Authorize with Trakt it will give you a code. Then you need to go to a seperate device - I use my Phone - and you need to be logged into your Trakt account on the phone or whatever device you are using and enter the code.

Or from the Trakt page: How do I authorize my Trakt TV?
Open the plugin, app or add-on settings and look for the authentication section. Instructions and an 8 digit code should be displayed. Go to Sign in to Trakt - Trakt on your computer, phone, or tablet. Enter the 8 digit code (PIN) displayed on your device.

And as I tried to inform you, logging into Trakt from Cinema, that I downloaded from the dev website (V2.6) is not the same as what you are describing. I have included photos of the screen and the information it is prompting me for. Again, thanks anyway.

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As I said I have never used Cinema so am not sure of the exact steps for authorizing Trakt in cinema. BUT I do know that 100% whatever device you are using to enter the 8 digit autohrization code that you MUST be logged into your Trakt account on that device at the Trakt device authorization page. You seem to be stuck with Trakt asking you to log into your account for whatever reason. Sorry I don’t know how to make this any more clear

You need to be logged into your Trakt account on whatever device you are using to enter the 8 digit authorization code

Good Luck


What that screen is asking you is to log in to Trakt website, once you do you will be prompted to go to trakt/activate and then enter the code they provided.