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When i open kodi it goes to page with option of ENTER FILES SECTION OR REMOVE MENU ITEM.
How do i get out of this screen. i have deleted and reloaded KODI and it still opens to this screen.

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Depending on what kind of device are you using.
But in general. From your remote control you can go one page back from the button with half round Arrow.

Another option by clicking on home :house: button you will go back to the home screen of your device and then clean the cache.

You can also go to settings> apps> Kodi then clean the cache, but be aware not to clean the data.

TP wrote manual about Kodi with a lots of information about Kodi, add-ons and much more.

i can get off the files section page and go to home page. the problem is that when i try to open kodi it always goes to the files page and will not open kodi. I have uninstalled kodi and reinstalled 19.3 and then 19.4 and when i open kodi it still goes to the files page.


Did you download it from google play.
Because I downloaded from google play store to upgrade from 19.3 to 19.4 had the same problem than I downloaded from Kodi official website.

What kind of device are you using?

The easiest way to clean install remove Kodi from your device then clean the system cache.

Good thing to do is sign up for TP Rapid App Installer then download it from there because all apps are tested. Let us know if you need more assistance. :+1:

firestick 4k all downloads from troypoint. last download from rapid app installer using troypoint/kodistable.
I have cleared the cache about 4 times. Kodi seems to load correctly. I get the normal kodi screen but it then goes to the enter files section remove menu item page.


Hi again this is the correct instalation from TP pls read the manual.
If you scroll down you can also watch the video how to.
I think you should repeat the steps as shown in the video.
Kodi on Fire TV

Note: after installing Kodi you will get screen with info that need to access a file just click continues

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