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Hi, I’m new here so please be kind.

I’m using the crew addon to search for Japanese films. The films have been released with English audio tracks but I can’t find a way to identify them in the crew. The film comes up with an English description but the only way I can seem to find what language it is in is playing the link. Is there any way to search for only the dubbed version or see the language without playing and searching for the first bit of audio.


Watch my beginners guide for Kodi. Near the middle I talk about audio tracks and subtitles. If you set the default language to English for the audio track the search results should in theory only return the ones that are spoken in English. In the worst case scenario, you can at least set the subtitles to English and watch them that way.


Hi, thank you for the video. All the set up tips were really helpful. I think I’ll save up for some surround sound now I know you can do all that! I changed the language settings as you suggested but I’m still getting films with Japanese audio. Do you know if there’s anything else I could try?

It depends on how they are uploaded. Once it starts playing you can hit the select button to bring up the on screen display and then go to the audio settings to see how many audio tracks there are. If you changed these settings it should default to English, but it’s still worth checking the audio tracks available after you’ve started playback.


Excellent video, very informative - thx ‘Jayhawks659’!!

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