Enabling wolf launcher on fire stick

If I remember right, I read you could not get wolf launcher to work on fire stick since last update.

I found a way to make it work. But once you do this, you cannot switch back to default launcher unless you factory reset. So caution is advised.

Basically all you have to do is follow the current guide on Troypoint for installing wolf launcher.
This won’t work as you need to do a couple steps more

Once you have followed the guide,
Search the store for a file manager, I prefer x-plore, but to each his own.

You will have to turn on show app manager inside x-plore, then go into it, then under system find KFTV launcher. You cannot delete it, but you can move it. Move it to somewhere else like you’re download folder. If I remember right it’ll ask if you want to restore the original or the updated version. I just chose the original. Now when you press the home button it’ll ask which launcher to use. Just choose Wolf launcher. You’ll still need launcher manager to get into the settings of the fire Stick.

Like I said there’s no recovery from this other than the factory reset. I’ve actually had an Amazon update remove this from me and put the stock launcher back on. I just repeated the steps above. This might not work for everyone, but I thought I at least put it out there.

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Those still using Wolf home page do so by using “launch on boot”. No worries and no major steps to go through. Some users have had issues and they got those fixed, but very few.

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If this process was able to eliminate LOB and create what Launcher Manager gave us on the Firesticks previously, I’m all for trying it. It seems like any updates would just wipe out any changes you make though, so it may be more difficult to upkeep than the benefits that it creates.

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The problem with that, it works on boot. But you press the home button and it reverts.

It does come up with wolf launcher upon boot.

Like I said, there’s been only 1 time in the past 2 or 3 updates it has reverted. The fix? Move that file back out (forgot the name ktv launcher, I mentioned previously) and you done. I’m thinking they restored that launcher, so I just moved it back out. Problem solved in less than a minute. Been running for 2 months now.

Again, you can’t revert back to Amazon launcher, you will need to factory reset if you want it back. So proceed with caution

I can’t stand Amazon’s launcher, so that wouldnt be an issue in my eyes lol.

That seems to happen to some and not for others. I don’t personally do this any more as, for me, there’s nothing wrong with the Amazon home screen once you change a few settings and realistically, I’m on the home page for only a few seconds and then into TiViMate or Stremio.

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