Emotn Launcher Available

Just saw this tutorial from the Tech Doctor. Looks like another cool launcher option. Haven’t tested it out yet, but appears to use Launcher Manager or I’m sure you can use Launch on Boot to initiate.

Emotn Launcher | TechDoctorUK

It looks interesting. I’ve been using Wolf on my 4k Max but it’s been acting strange since it was updated to use custom buttons. I’ve sort of stopped using it.

Yeah, I saw that vid a few days and did download it. I really liked the animated backgrounds. The problem I had was I couldn’t find a way for the app to upload a file from my device. I tried multiple ways but no success. The backgrounds they offer are very good but too few. Other than the background feature, the app is sorely lacking in customization. Ended up uninstalling.

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I have now looked at this app and even though you can’t set up names for your apps, I like it better than wolf and will use it for now as my launcher. It’s very slick and considering most of use only a few apps, the add app to the home screen is quite enough.