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Is TiviMate an option for most IPTV providers. If not how can you tell? Just ask the provider?

Yes…Tivimate is definitely an option for just about all providers.

Welcome! A lot of them will say “Compatible with popular IPTV Players”. But yes you could ask their support email or channel and find out just as easily.

Well, I just subscribed to one that does not furnish MU3 or Xstream codes. I am sure they have been asked many times by the succinct and comprehensive listing of what they do NOT provide. No matter. Will look for a streaming servcie that is more flexible to the customer wants.

Thank you all for all of the topics and info. I have learned and continue to learn at a rapid rate…after all…it is football season!! :rofl:

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What type of connection do they provide? There are some outliers out there…but the overwhelming majority that I’ve trialed or subscribed to use an Xtream code & or M3U/M3U8 url to connect to their servers.

I think it maybe that they do not provide an m3u or xtream code and instead you must download their app and login using it.

Yeah…probably right…I actually subscribed to one that utilized a different kind of player a few yrs ago…had to get a yearly sub for the player…cost .99cents I believe.

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What if Xtream codes are provided, service works well, but EPG doesnt update? Epg url looks right, but not loading in Tivimate?

This is just hypothetical :rofl:

Then that is a supplier side issue and you would have to contact them.

I already…I mean this person in the hypothetical situation already emailed support. I will let you know what I…I mean he/she finds out. :lying_face:

One of the things I look for in a supplier is either a live chat option or a discord link. I hate the email option. To many things can be misunderstood or give rise to even more questions and email can end up being a lengthy process.

I think Telegram is an option too. All good support options for the better ones.

Ahh yes, you’re right. I forgot about telegram. tx.

Is there anyone that can help me with getting set up with a iptv service without getting banned for mentioning one. For i love troypoints service and dont want to lose that. Please help

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Should read the guides we offer. Also no need to mention one if you need to it will be a pm

Provider sends you info you use in a iptv player like tivimate.

I did sir but I just couldn’t find anything to point me in the direction I wanted to go in

Hey @Cain If need be, we can go private (PM). Lots of info here but I’ll see if I can get you started on the right track. Where are you currently in the process of getting an iptv service? Please do not mention any of the iptv service names…


I really could use someone’s help for i did have a service awhile back that was great and i would love to find another like it. Im trying to stop paying so much to Comcast

OK…let’s take this to PM…I’ll private message you a link with some “how to” info…