Echo and Onn 4k

I am sure some of you have Echo Dot devices if you have Firesticks, frankly it is neat to get home and say “Alexa turn on Fire TV” etc.

Before you start, I know there are concerns about big brother Amazon or big brother Google listening as well, I am aware, not here to debate that! :wink:

I just answered question about the Onn 4k and it reminded me of something else I did with it.

Little background, my cheap Sanyo TV in the bedroom is not best investment I ever made, it was quick buy at Sam’s club more than 10 years ago.

The speaker sucks so I use a Dot with Firestick, works great and I got the Dot during one of Amazons discount sprees.

I decided to try to use it with the Onn 4k because TV sound sucks and buying a different Bluetooth speaker didn’t make a lot of sense.

I had tried pairing the Dot before with Google dongles without any luck, then I stumbled across this.

You say “Alexa connect” and it will look for a pairing request and I was able to pair the Onn 4k with the Dot, really easy. No Alexa app involved. One problem with the Dot is there is no command reference.

So this is only as a speaker, not a management capable combination but it works great, make sure everything else the Dot is currently paired with is off, go to settings/remote & accessories in the Onn 4k settings and select “pair accessory” and the give the Dot the connect command, you will see the dot’s name in the list, select it. That’s all there is to it, as easy as it should be!

Hope this helps someone!