Dynalink will not install android update

dynalink will not update keep getting error from android will download update but not install

do you have developers options turned on?

i have also reset the box and update still fails

yes have that on now

Well I was going to suggest turning off developer options and make sure play protect is on and try the update. Its been an issue with a few boxes. If that works you can change them however you want after update.

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Hey TXRon
Excuse me for asking…Where do I find play protect? Is it on the Dynalink box?

This shows you how to disable play protect but also you can re-enable it in the same place.


If nothing else works. You can always uninstall and reinstall.

I have an old Dynalink dongle on kitchen tv that I don’t think has ever updated. And it works better than my FS 4ks. Are you sure there is an update? Many of us don’t or block updates as long as things are working fine. For example, it seems that Mecool rarely updates, and that works great for most of us.

yes an android update bought a new box thanks

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