Durex Tv Can get past log in

When starting up fire tv goes right to Durex login can’t get in to setting to remove app How do I remove?
First time using in over 11 months. Have tried reseting many time Amazon home screen loads then goes right to Durex screen. Would like to just reset back to factory
Thanks in advance for you help

I believe you can reset your Amazon Fire TV to factory setting by doing the following:

  1. Press and hold the “Home” key until you get the screen that shows the time with the “Apps”, “Sleep” and “Settings” underneath. Select “Settings” and scroll over to “Fire TV” or “My Fire TV” (depending on your version of Fire TV), and select “Restore to Factory Settings”.

If you haven’t been on in 11 month and your issue is with Durex, you may want to simply go to “Manage Applications” in Settings, reset Kodi, and reinstall Durex. I would recommend deleting your version of Kodi and installing Kodi v18, but it isn’t compatible with Durex. Hopefully, the Durex team is working on it, because I’m a big Durex fan!

Good luck!

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Yes @iwhite52 Big fan of Durex myself. We are all waiting for Leia compatibility.

I understand what you are saying @myemail I wonder if once Durex starts if you can exit? You should be back at the home screen and can follow instructions by @iwhite52 to reset to factory default. Then, use Downloader to add the Rapid App Installer and that to install Kodi for you. Sounds like you need to exit or maybe hit the Home button too get out, then you can reset.

Thank’s for your help

Thank’s for your help got it working again