Duplicate fire stick with apps separate room can I access one at a time

I have one fire stick with vpn, prime and cinema app I use all the time.
I Also have real debrid account for the cinema app (works great) . When I’m in the other bedroom using the dreaded treadmill (:laughing:) can I set up a second fire stick with the same accounts and use it? I would only be using one at a time. I don’t want to go through all the steps to set it up if it cannot be done. I am not sure if the apps will allow it.

I have 4 :fire: sticks all with identical setups comes from updating to new tech. With most subs you get at least 5 connections. So I remove 2 of the “old” sticks from my subs and now have only a 2018 4K and the latest 4K Max. So I use all my subs on each without issues. Just check how many devices your allowed when buying a sub.

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Miki, as a newb, what the heck did you just say

Hmm. I have 2 sticks with identical setups. As long as your subscriptions allow for multiple devices you can do it.

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Yes 12345678987654321 characters needed to reply? :woozy_face:


I think what was meant by subs, is subscriptions. Right?
I did understand what you said, I guess what I will need to do is check my prime account and my Real Debrid account and see if it allows for multiple devices. The fact that you have multiple devices and you are using the same account, rather than paying for another subscription is promising to me. I am not wanting to use two rooms (fire sticks) running the same time. I’m strictly wanting to use a room one at a time.
Thanks! I am hopeful.

Using one at a time is perfect. Even with your Real Debrid you’ll be just fine as for Prime I never pay for a service like that as I can get anything they provide, accept free shipping :face_with_spiral_eyes: , for free.

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I think what Miki is trying to say, is basically the answer to my question. I have a jail broken fire stick, that I have added apps onto. The ones I use the most are IPV vanish, prime, and cinema. I also use a real debrid account to get better streams. I am just simply trying to duplicate my set up in another room when I am using my treadmill. I do not want to have to pay for another subscription for the other fire stick. Especially when I’m only accessing it from one device at a time. I am hopeful because Miki is basically doing now what I’m trying to do.
Hopefully that clears up what Miki said.

lol. Don’t know how to say it any simpler. Yes you can. :face_with_thermometer:

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