Duck duck go, is it as safe as they say? Anyone had issues

Hi, I’ve been using duck duck go as my go to browser, I’m now using their beta version email tracker remover. Interested to hear anyone’s opinion, it works for me but I don’t want to get complacent



What do you mean safe? Duck duck go is a browser that works fine I use it along with others.

Not everything is a attack on you. Using duck duck go is just a browser, just as safe as the rest. It highly depends on what you are doing.

Like any thing internet, use a vpn anti virus and you will be fine.

It’s not a malicious browser.


I don’t think all browsers are equal and certainly the big ones mine information, I suppose I’m more interested in has anyone heard of warrants being served and logs handed over. USA based search engines have disclosed data



You are correct. And I won’t get into it here. Google is incredibly bad for misinformation.

But I’d look into other platforms if that is what you are doing.

Duck duck go
Tor browser.


Hi @Kenbut9
ToR is good for most people looking for privacy; having said that, law enforcement still able to get the information they need.
As @TP-Dracoo mentioned, this thread isn’t the place to discuss online privacy, as it’s a separate topic unto itself; I get and understand your concern.



I have no problem with suggesting different browsers and internet activity with anyone or the security risks behind it, what I won’t do is get into the misinformation of certain items or government and political issues.

This is the right spot for security related issues with browsers.


I would download duck duck go and in that engine look for other browsers within the field you are looking for. If you like you can ask about them here, but for security I’d highly recommend this browsers over tor with a vpn and a firewall for what you want.



If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your VPN and Anti-virus of choice? I am not tech-savvy. Thank You for your assistance.

How about Downloader? Isn’t that a browser, also?


I use duck duck go with tor. I just use windows defender currently. As it’s good enough for day to day actions. I had black ice as a ip blocker but no longer in use. Abandoned. Alot of these anti virus and internet security suite non sense is bloatware. It thinks everything is attacking you. Common sense and you wont get a virus.


Yes it can be, don’t use it tho. I like Firefox modded and duck duck go with tor proxy and vpn.

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I use Duck as my main search tool along with searx. For a browser I use Librewolf which is a security enhanced firefox.


Yea, I use it to. Infact before that I turned my Firefox into that I also enabled https encryption on everything as well.


Yep, I after each firefox install used to basically disect it and tweak everything. Then Waterfox came along and did it for me but didnt update as often. Now with Librefox they put out a new version after every firefox upgrade. One of my main reasons for firefox type browser is the container function…im addicted to containers :eyes: :joy:

Thanks, TP-Dracoo, I appreciate your response.

Personally I use surfshark for my VPN. Why? Cos as well as good value the reviews did not find any major concerns with it. I’ve been using it for 18 months and no issues. I’ve also found the support to be good. Just my personal view, it works for me

Thanks, Kenbut9. I appreciate your response.

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Just to add to this discussion I use Brave browser with Qwant search engine. This combo I’ve been using for a year or so and love it. Blocks adds, blocks most redirects and I’ve never had problems streaming stuff even if it is a 6 plus hour event.


Sorry I missed something.

Logs just don’t get handed over willy nilly. For you to be investigated like that would suggest something highly illegal.

Most average users who want proper info use tor and non media owned browser. It’s a big step for entities to go through thousands of deycription hours, isp logs and broswer search logs.

Use a vpn
Use proxy servers
Use a non media owned browser

You will he right at rain.

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