Dual live streams using firestick

Any free programs, mods, etc that would allow me to watch say two football games streaming through firestick onto my TV? My TV doesn’t have a pip option. First day here so thanks for letting me join.

@Itsapirateslifeforme The IPTV https://www.tvtube1.com we use offers multi screen watching. 2,3 or 4 shows on the same screen if that’s what you may be looking for

I’m new to all this, so I apologize for my ignorance on how all this works. Does the app you use have to have a subscription? Or can you watch any game free through the app? I would love to get rid of my cable bill, if I can find something that acts similar to a cable box. Like now if I want to watch a certain game I go out and find it by clicking different places in kodi. I am probably misunderstanding the capabilities of how a free viewing system works compared to a paid program where you punch channel 2 and there it is. I also know there is a ton about this that I don’t know, but am picking up on things.

And thank you for the feedback

Hey pirate…

If your tired of being chased by the buffering wheel, what yur gonna need is the Tivimate app & a good iptv provider ($8- $15 a month)… it will be like having cable with a zillion channels, multiview, tv guides & all (your gonna freak)… it sounds complicated but its quite simple

Heres a snip from Troy…

While some of these free apps work well, they are not always reliable. Oftentimes, streams are only available in SD (Standard Definition) and can contain ads and buffering.

If you want reliable, high-quality Live TV with minimal buffering, TROYPOINT suggests purchasing an inexpensive IPTV Service.

These services provide thousands of live HD channels across a variety of categories for a small monthly fee including local options.

& your not limited to 1 provider, a lot of us on here have multiple providers


IPTV using Tivimate. If your internet speed supports it you can watch as many as you want at a time. Stay tuned. I’m likely going to post a video demonstration of Tivimate sometime this evening.

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Note that the vast majority of the IPTV services are illegal and can be shut down at a moments notice. Don’t pay more than a month in advance for any of them.

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I just posted this video and in it I show how to do multiple streams simultaneously.



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