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Hello: We generally use The Amazon Firestick as well as Netflix and Hulu. With the Firestick we use IPVanish and have Xfinity as the internet provider. As you already know IPVanish will drastically reduce the WiFi speed. We have a disabled rentor in the house behind us who taps into our WiFi. The reception in his house is marginal at best. I have tried wifi extenders that barely made any difference at all. I recently installed the Meshforce Mesh WiFi System M3s Suite. The difference is amazing. Amazon sells them for $159 but I found like new open box units on Ebay for $69. This system will drastically improve your wifi speed.

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Thank you for providing info on wifi extension. Vpn shouldn’t reduce you that bad.

I’d make sure you are connected to the fastest closest server to reduce speed throttle.

Also check with your isp about bandwidth allocation with multiple devices used at one time that could slow things down to. Make sure you prioritize which device get the most speeds. That you change in router settings. Call your isp about it too if you are using their modem.

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Also be sure to test various protocols and ports as well as locations. With IPVanish use Wireguard, for Express VPN use Lightway UDP. I know Vanish claims the fastest speeds, especially with their equipment upgrade, but from my experience it simply isn’t so. After testing Vanish and Express on the same network and connecting to the same location (Dallas), although of course not the exact same server or farm, my speeds on Vanish were 65Mbs down, while Express gave me a consistent 105Mbs down. A significant difference. I think I’ll buy a Nord subscription so I can test all 3 simultaneously.

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Thanks for the tips ! Even without IPVanish on, adding the Mesh System certainly improved overall WiFi signal. Here are the numbers of with and without the added system.
Download 47.5 Upload 5.9
Download 233.3 Upload 5.9
I am not affiliated with this company. I’m just trying to pass on information that actually improved WiFi speed and was relatively inexpensive.

Thanks for the info. I’d love to test the Mesh system against a power line adapter system. I have a customer with reasonable speeds but badly fluctuating. I’ll suggest a Mesh setup for him.


I do appreciate the suggestion.

When ever I get to upgrading my wifi I will check it out. Thank you.

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