Downloading on Cinema HD

Just wondering if there is a limit to the file size of a movie you can download on Cinema HD? I have downloaded a few movies and as long as they are about 2Gb or less they seem to have no problem. But anything larger just won’t even start to download. I do have a Real Debrid account and it doesn’t matter if it is one of their links or not.
Anyone else have any luck downloading larger files? If so, what’s the secret? Also other than torrent, is there another APK or Add-on you use to download movies?

For starters, your internet has a lot to do with the amount of MBs or GBs you are able too stream without buffering. Just to let you know, I myself had the same problem in the past until I upgrade my hardware. My entire house runs off wireless platform. I now use a mesh system which is so much stable and dependable. I to utilize Real Debrid and I have no problems with streaming large files. I go back and forth between Cinema HD and CyberFlix, the reason why, to ensure both programs are up to date. The mesh system is expensive but very well worth it if you can afford.

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Thanks for the reply Terry.
I have Gigabit internet, Nvidia Shield, and all wired connections. My speed test today resulted in 99Mb download and 58 Mb upload through IpVanish. Obviously higher without the VPN. I typically don’t have any problems streaming large files. I just am unable to download any larger files over about 2 Gigs. I’m thinking maybe it’s some sort of block or restriction in Cinema, but not sure. Is
anyone else able to download 4k movies through Cinema or other APK’s?

Just curious, what is this mesh system you are talking about??

Hello hbublow, here is a link so you have more of an understanding what a mesh system is:
Linksys Velop Intelligent Mesh Wi-Fi System, 3-Pack Dual-Band AC3600 You can also google wifi mesh and get a much wider scope.


Welcome to the community. If you don’t know, ask. Someone will help out.

Welcome to the community! I just tried downloading a file larger than 2Gb and keep getting Errors. Won’t say what the error is. Anyone else having any luck?

Linksys Velop Intelligent Mesh WiFi System, 2-Pack White (AC2600) I use this Mesh system in my house. It distributes your wi-fi signal better than a MIMO router and an extender. Very pleased. A little expensive.

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