Downloader says enable cookies

Cannot get MX Player pro to load on downloader app, says I need to enable cookies. Don’t know how to do that on my Firestick I’m using the code from the Troy point video

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check the downloader permissions. if that doesnt work, clear cache, reboot and try again.

If you can’t get it squared away…MX Player Pro is in every store out there…


I’m not sure where to look for downloader permissions I looked in the menu on the left at everything I could open and didn’t see anything about permissions and I have cleared cache, force stopped, and I loaded the first four unlinked stores in Troy‘s list and none of them had MX player pro I did manage to get MX player. Do you have an unlink code for a store that has MX Pro?

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You look for permissions in your devices settings under apps or app management.

Also, you can find mx player pro in the Google Play store

Also, in Unlinked the store name is, IPTV super store 12341234
There you can find the mx player pro


2 other Unlinked store codes with 250+ apps each…67664537 & 96960000 both have MX Player.


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