Downloader codes beware

You get bad download. I tried to get BeeTV and got the one with adds and built-in problems. It tried to get me to install tic tock and the sound was very loud when I stopped a movie. I would recommend using unlinked.


I set up a new tv box yesterday and noticed the real downloader was not availiable in the playstore but there were many knock-off look-alike and even named the same. The only difference was the developer. Very tricky and it can get you in trouble. tiktok trash is chineese malware.


You can use the rai as a downloader just so everyone knows.


My general rule of thumb when downloading something from Downloader is to end my search query with apkpure. As far as I know, it’s a well trusted site…& I’ve never had a problem with anything.


I have codes for beeTV. 50187 and 82614
Most downloader numerical codes take you to the “official” site for an app. I don’t think I’ve seen any for modded apps or app launchers. In unlinked yes you can find mods. 30837432


Looks like 5187 is a good code.


50187 sorry for the screw up


Thanks to all for the info

I know I can get apps from RAI, how do I use it as a downloader?

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Find the url for the apk, open TP RAI and at the top click the Apk Installer.

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Thanks, will try that. never used that function before. I used defsquid and I was told it gives false positives, now I think DS scan is right.

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