Download Speed test

on my computer it tell’s me its 281.on my tv speed test says 46 download.what is wrong .I haven’t changed anything

What’s your setup, device, service, speed device, other apps.

my modem to router to tv is connected to my tv.then modem to my computer.should I use WiFI for my tv


Way to many variables to really help here, start doing tests with wifi and hardwared connection and rule stuff out

I don’t know what happen but but the router was connected to my computer and my modem was connected for my WiFI.which is backwards right

Ethernet cable from modem out to router in (not the 4 ports in a row, but the other one) then, any of the 4 ports on the router to your devices (if using ethernet/hardwired)…if not, then connect using the router’s wifi.

If you have a gateway (combination modem/router in one) then just use any of the 4 ethernet ports or wifi.

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@pangaeatech thanks I’ll look to make sure thats how its connected

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