Download jailbreak

do I need to jailbreak my firestick to watch Thursday night football on prime video

Hey az congrats on your one year anniversary here. I’m seeing a few of us around.

Hi,Miki has it been that long already,time fly’s when your having fun.last night I tried to watch thr TNF on Prime but it wouldn’t,I was wondering if I needed to jailbreak my firestick to watch it

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@Mtodd576 like I said it wouldn’t let watch it.Maybe I did something wrong

Prime isn’t your only option.

If trying to access prime outside of the states you may be blocked.

@Miki thanks I’ll check it out

Use the Silk browser that comes in the stick. When you give it a go you can PM me and I can walk you through a few of my tricks to get to the game full screen.

@Miki ok will do.I was checking out your Amazon warehouse deals website

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your vpn will block it if you were using one. Mine will allow the feed through once in awhile

@Miki-sorry it took so long,I had a hard time trying to download silk browser.I’m ready now whenever you get a chance to talk

I PM’d you. I don’t want to spam the topic.

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