Doomsday Builds Videos Not Opening

Hi On the Kodi App on my TCL TV. I have been successfully using Wide World Sport for some but just recently I am having difficulty in opening the videos. I am constantly having to Force Close and even then I have no consistency in opening. The Build loads ok but the individual Apps are difficult. I switched to Aspire 19 and find I have the same problem?

If your running Kodi on the Tv itself and no separate streaming device you’ll have a difficult time. Especially trying to run a build. Better off getting a cheap fire stick or Onn device etc. Kodi with 1 add on like The Crew works much better than a build. Tv’s don’t have the same processing power as streaming devices. You can also clean your cache if possible on the Tv. Hth

Much appreciate your very quick and very helpful response. I clear the cache before every use but your identification of the inherent TV issue is probably the nub of the problem. I have one of the devices you suggest working without difficulty on a bedroom TV. So I will now revert to that for the primary TV. Many thanks.

Your very welcome, that’s what this site is for. so, we all can learn and help each other. :v:

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