Does The Crew addon for Kodi really have to be such a pain in the ass!?

Seems like ever few weeks the IPTV services of The Crew addon for Kodi has problems with being able to access numerous channels. I know it’s not the provider(s) because some of my devices continue to work properly, yet some develop what I term “The brain dead problem”. So I fart around with resetting cache’s, reinstalling the addon and any number of other possibilities and sooner or later get it working again, but not really knowing for sure what the proper process should be, no less why it happened again in the first place. What’s up with this major pain in the ass?

Frist off, its freely maintained iptv, itr has nothing to do with the crew its free… it will come and go. You are better off getting a provider.

Crew works fine so this topic is honestly mute… its been discussed before.