Does Defsquid Clear All Caches?

Does defsquid clear all of your caches at the same time. Also what exactly does it clean? Does it free up any space?

No it doesn’t clean the cache. When using “Manage Apps” it’s the same as you going into settings>manage installed apps> then force closing and clearing apps one at a time. I’m not entirely sure exactly what is cleaned or what the optimizing protocols do.


You would be better off using the Background apps and Process Lists app. This app brings up any app you have active and from there you can force close and clear cache for each one displayed. Although, this does not display every app that is playing in the background.

I have this installed on my Nvidia Pro and just let it always run in the background. Then all I have to do is double click my Home Button and it will bring up this app. Another app I leave running is the Fast Task Killer app. After I have closed all the apps I wish to close. I click on that to bring up the list of terminated processes.

Tbh, it really is just as easy going into your settings by double clickingbthe Settings Button and close out and clear cache from there.

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I agree, there is no easy way to clear cache and force stop apps. I still think DefSquid is the most convenient way to do it, although Background Apps & Processes does pretty much the same thing. I’m not sure why DefSquid is looked down upon as much as it is in here, but I think it is pretty handy. I don’t use it for the virus scan, not opening that can of worms.

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I have a cool app on my shield called ram cleaner, works very well at cleaning cache and force stopping apps…but I have no idea where I got it :joy:… Maybe the playstore? maybe another box?.. there are several out there that look alot like it but are not it :crazy_face:…It wont work on my mecool box or at least I havent figured it out. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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@TXRon Is it the one by Rocket?

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I think so. Heres the deal…in the playstore its called Ram Cleaner-Cache cleaner and the picture is a short broom. Once downloaded the pic is a little rocket with Ram Cleaner under it. It has ads and needs permissions to fully function. Another thing I like is you can mark apps to be left alone.

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