Does Cord Cutting Cost More Than Cable TV? We Breakdown The Numbers

How is Amazon prime $7/month? It’s more $14/month

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I applied for the senior discount a few years ago. Tbh, I didn’t think I would get it because it is based on income, but I have a feeling if you are retired and only submit your SS as your income then that is how I got in. …dunno, but ain’t gonna buck the tiger’s odds.

Got the $30 discount for my Internet service, too just recently.

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How do you get those services $0 I would love to know what I am missing out on lol

I’m guessing @Powerfader is referring to the fact that some IPTV services have the channels of those services included, so he wouldnt need a separate payment to get them individually.

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Any decent provider will have some, if not all, of those included in their services.

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I was paying $134/month for cable TV. I switched to IPTV FEB-21. Today, I use three verified IPTV vendors for redundancy. From FEB-21 to MAR-23 I have paid $678 for those IPTV subscriptions. That’s $27.12/month for IPTV services.

The total cost is $1,128 which includes three Android TV devices. That is $45.12/month for the 25 months since I switched to IPTV. For $2,222 savings over 25 months.

One big plus from using these IPTV services is the ability to watch shows/movies not accessible from our Prime or Netflix services.

I pay $110 a month at one home for Spectrum cable TV and internet (but that will likely double after the 2 the year “introductory” period). I can not get any OTA stations at this location.

I pay $75 a month at my other home for cable internet only and I have a rather large attic antenna for 40+ local stations. I use Stremio, BeeTV, Filmplus, LivenetTV, TVmob and Kodi at both locations.

If I were doing this with verified streaming services, I be paying a heck of a lot more.

To me, “Cutting the Cord” only makes sense if you use unverified sources.


TMobile Home Internet - $45/Month.
2 IPTV Services - $45 every 3 months.
RealDebrid - $10 every 3 months…only use for KODI 4K streaming.

i get ANY and EVERY channel you can think of…AND then some!..screw you ACE & MPA!

I pay less than $100 a month for ALL electronic medias, i.e. internet, verified streaming content, iptv services, and phone.


I think its slanted to include the cost of internet into the equation. When I had cable years ago, I still had internet. Its been a basic necessity in households for years…


I should get rid of my cell phone that I rarely use and go back to what I used for a phone way back in 2007. That alone would save me a ton of money!



HaHa!! We still have the magicjack, 90% of the calls received on it are robocalls…finally decided not to renew it when it expires…it was useful at one time as we live in a rural area

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how true we still had internet when we were paying 200 a month for directv.

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