Does anyone have a m3u playlist that has True History?

I had to do the factory reset dance with my wife’s ONN and I don’t remember where I got TH from…she really enjoys the random lectures.

I was told it’s in the sling m3u or xumo. I have xumo for ya

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Thanks Miki I will give that a try.

It’s in there but I haven’t found a working EPG yet. Try this>

True History Channel | Xumo Play

True History | DistroTV Live Channel

True History - Watch True History Free Online - Plex

True History | Local Now

There are also m3u8 for these apps.

I’m trying to get the m3u8 file, so that it can be part of her Tivimate group…

Sent you a PM with an m3u8 which includes the epg. (see pic)

Also, sent you several m3u urls that supposedly carries the True History channel. However, those apsattv ones do not have a coordinating epg. So you will most likely need to manually assign an epg to your channels.


Give the epg I posted a try. The m3u I sent has the True History channel and is working flawlessly. Great pic and didn’t buffer while I was watching it. have a happy July 1st.

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I tried installing the apsattv url with and without a vpn but couldn’t get is to load. It would error out. Don’t know if it is something on my end or not, but the url hasn’t been updated since last year.

The one in my pic is from Matt’s list of urls.


EDIT: got it load and working. Must have fat fingered something? lol

I loaded it, updated it, and as I mentioned, worked perfectly for me. I rarely use m3u or m3u8 anymore. Why not post the m3u8 if you have it PF.

Thanks Powerstreamer & Miki.
ASA I can get off of granddad duty, I’ll try loading a couple of lists on my travel TV.

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I sent him the resource pages for both apsattv and i.mjh. Now he can pick and choose which urls he wants. There’s a bunch of them on both pages.

Btw, I finally got the xumo url to load. I must have had an incorrect letter or symbol somewhere. lol …eyes are shot, hearing is bad, back is gone, and breathing is impaired. Other than that, I should still be kicking come morning, I hope. lol

Fyi, the url I used in the pic I posted is Matt’s m3u8 (Plex)

The only reason I didn’t post the url here is because this thread is not locked. :lock:

Getting old sucks. :laughing: Having an optical migraine myself at the moment. They’re freaky. :face_with_peeking_eye:

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I go to the doc to get a shot in my eye once a month. Just went a couple of days ago.

Will have the shots until my last days here on Earth. :anguished:


I’m not complaining.
I have a grandson that I am getting a chance to know and love, which neither of my daughters’ grandfathers lived long enough to have that opportunity.

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Oh hey @elginherd I never saw you as a complainer. I’m kinda an old softy myself, and love kids. So I’m a tad jealous. I always say “make memories” every day. They’re the one thing noone can take away from you. Have a great 4th of July my friend.

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I hope that you had a great Canada Day, Miki.

I didn’t get a chance to watch any CFL Thursday through Sunday. I was kind of surprised that they didn’t schedule Friday-Monday for a week.

Both the Plex & Xumo lists loaded, and based on a short sample size, play great.


Do you mind if I get that page that you sent him because I need to watch True history myself it was a blessing he asked for that

Thank you for asking about true history I never would’ve thought about this Channel didn’t know it existed

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