Do you want a workaround for Youtube's recent Adblock Blocking?

I only use Youtube on my PC and for years I never have seen adds using the Adblock Chrome extension. But recently even Adblock stopped working. I have found a solution that has been working for me for over a week now :crossed_fingers: and hope this continues to work. It involves jumping through a few hoops but thought I’d throw it out there for anyone being blocked on Youtube. I don’t know if this is a solution that will work on a Firestick/Android but if you have one of the supported Browser’s installed give it a Whirl. But it’s working for me on Chrome. I’ll also post the video

I tried this and it did not work. Went step by step using the video, along with the Tampermonkey instructions and I still have the same ad block message.

Yeah it worked for me. But in addition to Adblock I also have the Adguard Chrome extension. Ihaven’t seen ads in a few weeks now so seems to be working

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Rushed through video and forgot to install script after adding extension.
Watched again, added script and it worked - thank you