Do you support Roku?

I have a Roku. Box and Im looking for NHL hockey games. Any help is appreciated.

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With Roku you will need a subscription service with something like Fubu, SlingTV …etc.
How to stream NHL games on your Roku devices (2021)!

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If I purchase a Firestick Max can you provide all NHL hockey games. Thanks!

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Welcome to our community.

Firstly if you get a firestick you need to follow all of troypoints guides for this.

Secondly, what you want can be done with the crew and kodi addon.

Third option would be to look into a service with a iptv player.

I suggest doing some research on our site, and reading up on the guides troypoint has set out, tons of info Regarding this.

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Roku are great for paid streaming services. But an Amazon Firestick is the best entry level streaming device for the price and provides some much more opportunity for growth.

As stated above, Troy has many options, but the best and quickest way to get started to is sign up for his supercharge guide by just going straight to his root website.

He has countless tutorials and videos on so many different media platforms.