Do "task killers" actually do any "good"


Thanks Miki for the info. I hope not I use them on everything :astonished:

My understand is that on android phones, no as they are quite capable and best at memory management themselves as opposed to our Fire Sticks that apparently will let programs run in the background forever. I am guessing at some point, there must be some cleanup or the stick would have no memory/resources to run.

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Just finished reading that and it’s a controversial subject for sure. Some people mostly those of us that use them agree they do work. But some will argue not. I know I have background on my phone that you can watch the battery consumption change and on my shield that I don’t really see much difference on but shut down in used app as a habit for a long time. We will see with time on this one

It would be nice if google could be trusted but they cant be. So im out. :roll_eyes: :eyes:


I hear that they are gaining more and more control it’s like terminator the machines are going to take over​:astonished::astonished:


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