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I am trying to continue watching a series on BeeTV. For some reason this specific show is now squished in to the centre of the screen and is not full screen left to right. All previous episodes I watched were fine but now if I go back to them they are also squished. I have tried other shows and movies and they are perfect. Its only the one series. I am working off an Android TV Box. I’m not terribly tech savvy. I have looked but I cant seem to see settings for a particular series outside of the main BeeTV setting which should apply to all. Can anyone give me some advice?

It sounds like you need to adjust the aspect ratio of the show you are trying to watch.

There are two ways to adjust the aspect ratio of the media you are watching. One involves the video player you are using for the application. The other involves the television itself.

If you search the settings of your video player within the application there should be a section called display settings or aspect ratio. It all depends on what player you are using. Could you please let us know the name of the video player?

If you decided to change your tv settings, there should be a button on your remote called format. This will allow you to quickly adjust the picture settings of your television with a few standard options. If you don’t see the format button on your remote (many new smart tv remotes are just bare bones remotes) than you will have to enter the settings menu of the tv and look to change the display settings manually.

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Thank you. I will try that. But I am confused as all the other shows play perfectly. It also plays perfectly on my other android box. Its just this one series on this particular android box. Tbh I’m not sure which video player it is using.

Option #1: I would first try the advice that @Matteos posted.

Option #2: Are you allowed to use an external player on BeeTV? If so, try using VLC or MX Pro. The TP-Toolbox has the MX Pro, but I didn’t see the VLC.


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