Discovery Plus Kodi problems

I have a subscription for Discovery+ that I watch on a Firestick but I also would like to have it on my PC using Kodi. I follow all the instructions for instalation but cannot satify XMBC when instaling from zip file.
Can anyone tell me what the problem is and how to resolve it? Thanks. Al.

Might need some more info and don’t know what Build/Addon you are trying to install but double check the URL you are adding is Exactly as the Build/Addon says

If it’s a stand alone app you don’t need Kodi.

I don’t think there is a stand alone app for Windows though. I believe you would have to use a browser or put it into something like Kodi. Unless something like an emulator would work, but I’m not terribly versed in using those.

Discovery+ is part of Prime if you have their service, one of the premium ones for there access. On your pc go to and you should be able to log into it if you have an Prime premium acct.

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And the winner is… Throttlejockey!! Well done. Couldn’t get it on my smart TV but I do have Prime on there and I accessed it through that. Thanks a lot for all the replies, I’m now sorted. Al


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