Discovery plus help

Hello I have discovery plus in Canada and I want to be able to access discovery+ united states shows when I use proton VPN discovery plus Canada tells me I must use the country I sign up in How do I get around this thank you

Is this a free version of proton? Im thinking if so it might be limited. But you should be able to use/switch to a US based server and all should be good unless discovery is not friendly to vpns and i have no idea about that.

Thank you for your response when I use the VPN it says I must use the country I’ve signed up in so no I can’t but thanks anyways and have a great day

Ok so I take this to mean that if you bought your Sub in the U.S. you do not have your VPN set to a U.S. server location. Same goes for whatever country you purchased Discovery+ from.

Yes exactly but the problem I’m having now is the American discovery plus will not except my Canadian visa credit card if you know a way around this let me know thank you

I had a similar problem . My first Firestick I used my cdn Amazon account with my cdn Visa. I couldn’t get a lot of good US apps. Eventually I got a new stick and found out it was best to reg the stick with a US account. I suspect Discovery + will only allow US purchases. Odd I know but also making it difficult if not living in the US.

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Ok so are you a “prime” subscriber? If so you can add it as a channel.


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